The Catholic Parish of St. Isidore, encompassing the churches of St. Celestine (Celestine, IN) and St. Raphael (Dubois, IN) is located in the rolling hills of Northeast Dubois County in Southern Indiana, near Patoka Lake. Our two Churches are united in faith, family and community. Please join us in worship!

Mission Statement - We, the parish of St. Isidore, witness to the world the love of Christ we have received in the Sacraments, and we invite others to personally experience the Grace of God through prayer, acts of service, and spiritual formation.


Pentecost Music This Weekend

Are you ready for the arrival of the Holy Spirit? New Spring is! Join us at St. Celestine this Saturday at about 5:35 before the 6pm Mass and Sunday at about 7:35 before the 8am Mass. 

We will be playing a number of praise and worship songs to stir your spirit and soul in celebration of Pentecost! Remember to wear red!

We had a wonderful rehearsal last night with 9 members there. Hope to see you at St. Celestine this weekend. If you haven't seen us play before you can check out a sample here:


2013/05/05 Do we recognize Truth?

Do we recognize the truth when we see it? Let’s take a test – I’ll give you a three questions and you can answer to yourself True or False. (don’t have to answer out loud)

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2013 April 14 - For the Glory of THE Name

Anybody here know who Theudus was? Anybody? What about Judas of Galilee? No – not Judas Iscariot… I’m talking about Judas of Galilee? Ever heard of him? Nobody? These guys CLAIMED to be the messiah a long time ago….Would you give your life for either of those two guys? Probably not – because we don’t have a clue who they were or what they stood for.

But what about somebody named Jesus? Do you know him? Would you give your life for that name? Would you defend the name of Jesus with your life? Most people today wouldn’t. We’d be more likely to use that name along with curses and four letters words… that seems to be the norm for many people nowadays. But it wasn’t always that way.

Let’s go back to that first reading to illustrate…. Because there is something missing… something that could potentially change the way we understand it. Did you notice what was missing?

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Deacon Mike's Homily Good Friday 2013: The Hand That Feeds Us

I was out walking our dogs one day – Strider and Arwen. A german shepherd and a siberian husky. Great dogs… man’s best friends. Strider is my boy. As much as I try to think of him as “just a dog”, he gets to me. So – we were out walking one day and they were hunting for mice. They’re so cute – working together - one digs over here and the other stands or crouches at the other end of the hole waiting for the mouse to pop-out. Well – this one day – I didn’t read the body language right – and they got into a fight; Right there in front of me. Naturally, I yelled – I tugged – then I grabbed Strider by the collar to pull him away. In that instant, Arwen got hold of my arm – thinking she had clamped onto Strider’s neck. For several seconds, I shouted and pulled and finally she realized she had bit into the wrong thing… my arm. I was angry at both of them for fighting – but more than that – I was sad that my best friends had turned on me. Yeah – I can remind myself that she didn’t mean it – she thought she was biting Strider. Their self preservation instinct kicked in. Yeah – I can remind myself that there is a pecking order to the pack and those two had to get things straightened out. But still, it made me sad. They wouldn’t listen to me! I TRIED to get them to stop hurting each other... and in the process, I got bit. Now – the bite wasn’t that bad – it was winter, so I had three layers of clothes on. It wasn’t the physical pain that hurt… it was the fact that my friends had turned on me. Afterward, they both seemed sad too... Especially Arwen... Once she realized what she did, she was sorry. She bit the hand that feeds her.

For the first time, I could really understand how Jesus could say from the cross – ‘forgive them, Father… they don’t know what they are doing’...

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Create Your Own Catholic Legacy

Did you know that both St. Raphael and St. Celestine have endowments?

St. Celestine and St. Raphael have been blessed with permanent endowments to support the long range planning of the parishes. These endowments provide annual support to the general needs of each parish and cemetery.

Anyone can add to these at any time, and in any amount, by making a gift to the parish office or by donating online at Individuals may also start their endowment in a family name for the general or specific use at the parish with a minimum gift of $5,000. You may contact the parish office or the Catholic Foundation at 812-424-5536 for more information on Creating Your Own Catholic Legacy.


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