Meet Deacon Mike Seibert

Mike is originally from St. John’s, Newburgh, Indiana. He and his wife, Mary (Goodman) moved back here to her hometown in 2003 after building their dream home. He was ordained a Permanent Deacon in July 2005 along with his brother, Dave. Interestingly, his father has also been a deacon at Newburgh since 1977. The Diocese of Evansville did not ordain deacons for a number of years, but in 2001, the program was re-started. Mike applied but was turned down (because he was the youngest and they were going to make him wait until the following class). While driving home from Tennessee on September 11, 2001, he thought of all that happened that day and realized there will be a need for more ministers for the Church, and how it was too bad he didn’t get into the class. The very next day, he received a call from Father Vogler saying there was a vacancy in the class. If he was interested, the place was his. Mike took that as “about a clear of a call from God as I ever expect to get!”

What is your favorite part of Ministry?
“I get a thrill from finding new, ‘unusual’ ways of applying the Gospel to our lives…and then seeing the “aha!” in the eyes of the congregation. Not only that, but I learn something about God every time I preach. The other thing that makes ministry exciting is the personal relationship built with people as they go through the important stages of their life: baptism, marriage, and even funerals. Often it’s during those critical life-changing moments that people are most aware of their need for God.

It’s also very rewarding to have discussions with people about our faith – there’s always something to learn from every person.”

Hiking, camping, gardening, cutting firewood, and writing homilies

Haiti Parish Twinning in cooperation with Holy Family Parish who supports the parish in Dupity, Haiti,
Grace Co-Op: the outreach ministry for our parish cluster
Adult Formation Team (small groups, CD ministry, Food for Your Faith)
Liturgical training for altar servers, lectors, and extra-ordinary ministers of Holy Communion
Music: guitar and singing
Marriage Prep

Did you know?
A Deacon is an ordained member of the Clergy and can therefore Baptize, preside at Weddings, proclaim the Gospel and preach the Homily, preside at Funerals, and serve as ordinary minister of the cup at Mass. A Permanent Deacon can be married, but must be married prior to ordination – AND – if his wife dies, he cannot re-marry.